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The Creek Bed

November 26, 2015

 Spring colour along the Creek bed shellrock path provided by self seeders such as Eschscholzia (orange Californian Poppies), pink Silene and red Geum against the backdrop of the glorious Cotinus Grace (Smoke Bush). Soon to emerge from this carpet will be drifts of Allium siculum, Allium carinatum subsp. pulchellum (in pink and white) and towering Allium giganteum.


This area of the garden was originally paddock and where the path now winds water often lay. My plan (this being 25 years ago and I still had a lot to learn) was to create a long babbling brook of recirculated water running from the large pond which exists just beyond the Smoke Bushes in the picture. I hired a man with a machine who dug a metre deep channel the length of the present path following the contours of the land. We never saw water again! A few weeks later I asked Colin to fill the channel in (by hand). He has never forgotten that day. 

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