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August 28, 2016



Colin is extending our Plant Nursery.


More room is needed to pot on all the imported seed sown by Janet over the past few years. A lot of this has been wild collected in the far reaches of Russia and China, in the Himalayas and through the Greek Islands. These include many species of Crocus, Colchicum, Narcissi, Tulip, Fritillaria, Calochortus, Codonopsis, Meconopsis, Iris, Anemone, Scilla and Muscari.


We have imported seed also from South Africa, England, Japan and North America. Lots of exciting Allium, Lilium, Galanthus, Arisaema, Aquilegia, Primula, Moraea, Erythronium, Veratrum, Ornithogalum, Ixia, Geissorhiza, Dierama, Sternbergia, Lachenalia, Nomocharis, Camassia, Habranthus and Zephyranthes.


Expect to see these in my shop and on my Trade Me listings.







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